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TensorFlow wheels (whl) and docker images for aarch64 / ARMv8 / ARM64

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pip install tensorflow-aarch64 -f https://tf.kmtea.eu/whl/stable.html

Backup link: pip install tensorflow-aarch64 -f https://cf.tf.kmtea.eu/whl/stable.html

To pick the whl files manually, please check the releases.


Outdated & WIP

Please check the tutorial.

More Info

Building Environment

Host: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

SoC: BCM2711 (quad-core A53)

Architecture: ARMv8 / ARM64 / aarch64

OS: CentOS 7

GCC: v8.3.0

Virtualization: Docker

Linaro’s wheels

There are official wheels for Python 3.6 3.7 - 3.10, you could fetch them here.